Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Pinterest for Me!

They've already got me addicted!  It's so easy to spend hours past midnight looking at dream houses, delicious dishes, sweet ideas, and more.  I'm Pinterested alright!  What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a way around listing links to websites!  Pinterest users create boards of ideas that they've found all over the web to help them plan weddings, fashion, classroom themes, parties, vacations etc.

Here are two things that I have pinned on my classroom ideas board:
I love these seats at the reading table... but pricing them the best I've come up with is $20 each at Target in their college section and also I found a similar item at Ross.
Yesterday on Pinterest I saw this... milk crates with covers.  I'm not sure how the teacher made covers for the milk crates either, if anyone has an idea I would love to know!  They are so cute, and also act as storage! 
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  1. I am not sure but I would gather that a wooden board was applied first. Then a foam cushion that can be bought in rolls was cut down to size then a fabric cover to finish it off. Looking at it closely... it the crate has a inside rim to hang files I beleive that the wooden board would sit on that.