Sunday, July 3, 2011

What does Pie Throwing have to do with Classroom Motivation!?!

Pie throwing as a motivator to raise test scores really does work!! I borrowed the idea from a friend and tried it during my second year of teaching. ALL my students' scores went up from past scores on the 4Sight test (3rd grade). One student raised his score by 25%!!

The 4 kids who increased their 4Sight scores the most got to throw....

vanilla and chocolate pudding pies at me! 

When I announced the opportunity, the kids went nuts!  As you can imagine.

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  1. Oh wow, what a good idea!! I think 'll try this in my classroom next week. How did it feel to get pied? To be honest, I always wanted the experience to get pied but I never dared. Now this is a good combination! Thank you! Greetings brigitte, the netherlands