Sunday, July 3, 2011

Starting Out!

This seems a little strange to me to make a post on a "teacher blog" for the first time.  So far I've taught four staff in-services this summer on "Blogs."  It was very intimidating for me to go into the classroom and give instruction to teachers who have been teaching students for 20+ years than myself!  They were very gracious.      

Last year (2010-2011) I had my second grade students write on our classroom blog.  They wrote about twice a week, beginning even prior to the start of the year.  Students used the blogging experience to write to their 4th grade "blogging buddies (this was like an electronic pen pal)," I used the blog for lesson activators and summarizers, it was a way to engage the students in many discussions like our classroom play and talent show.  At one point students even brainstormed ways to help tsunami victims.  This led to our class jump starting a school wide penny drive.  A student in our classroom had family in the tsunami struck area.  The local news station came to show support for our penny drive.  It was very evident that school-wide, students were willing to help those in need as together the school community raised over $5,000 in about two weeks.  It all started with a blog post.

Class Fox 43 News Clip

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